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My aim is to ensure that, through open, honest, and direct dialogue, we work together to maximize the aural potential of your project. The role of music in film is similar to that of a supporting cast member. Thus, I perform my job with your film's success in mind, not my own.  I live to createI live to collaborate. Let me work with your team and create an exceptional final product. 

~ TJ Wilkins (TJW)

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TJ Wilkins (TJW) is a multi-instrumentalist/songwriter/composer and graduate of University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A holistic composer and staunch advocate for collaboration between filmmakers and composers, he believes that the films that best harness music’s visceral qualities are those that use custom compositions. Tyler’s dedication, attention to details, and team-based mentality towards working with filmmakers and directors allows him to compose from within the film - not for or over it.

From a purely compositional stance, TJ is a minimalist at heart. By juxtaposing various layers of sound he is able to compose a rich backdrop for any scene. Additionally, he recognizes the power of silence and uses it well. Above all, in any project, TJW strives to create a unique and engaging aural experience that compliments the arcs and themes that compose the meaning and purpose of the film.

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